Double Width Tower

This is AXAND’s one of the most popular offering which is available in 1.35 meter wide frame.

This system has numerous application for both interior and exterior use.

  • Standard available width: 1.35 Mtr
  • Standard available Mainframe height: 2.0 Mtr
  • Standard available length: 2.0 Mtr and 2.5 Mtr

Physical Specification

  • Being in Aluminium, the towers are lightweight for easy maneuverability, easy assembly/ disassembly, non-corrosive and visually appealing.
  • The frames are engineered for lightness, whilst maximizing strength by fully welding all the joints.
  • The frame rungs are a castellated tube, which provides better grip while holding or climbing.
  • Integrated ladder frame allows easy access to the top.
  • Precise uniform TIG welding to secure parts firmly.
  • Maximum indoor working height is 12 Mtrs. Towers above 8 Mtr must be secured to another fixed structure.
  • Maximum outdoor working height 8 Mtrs.
  • Heavy-duty 6” and 8″ wheels with dual pedal brake and release option, capable of holding up to 600kg load capacity per wheel.
  • Option to work at several heights at one time, by using additional platforms
  • 500mm rung spacing provides flexibility to adjust various working heights
  • The Z configure bracing provides a very rigid structure.
  • All frames can be used as upper or lower frame.
  • Simply place your platform on the 2nd rung from the top of the tower and the upper portion will be converted to a guardrail.

Technical Specification:

Aluminium Alloy: 6061 T6

Adjustable Jack up to 300 mm (4.0 Mtr Tower onwards)

Tower Load Bearing Capacity – 200kg / sq mtr

Rungs Distance – 500 mm

Number of rungs in a frame – 4 Rungs at 500 mm equi-distance

Number of rungs in integrated ladder – 6 Step ladder in each 2.0 Mtr frame

Ladder Rung Distance – 300 mm

Frame Tube Thickness – 2.0 mm

Platform – Anti-slip laminated plywood with aluminium frame

Maximum load per platform – 250 kgs